About CTroads

CTroads is a traveler information service that gives you free live traffic reports, commuter service information and personalization in the state of Connecticut. CTroads will help improve your commute and keep you informed before leaving the house and while on the go.

CTroads provides information about:

  • Traffic - CTroads gives you freeway travel times and freeway speeds along your route and will also tell you if there is road construction, traffic alert, or an incident ahead. Incidents, road closures, construction, lane closures, real-time live traffic cameras, weather alerts/forecasts, travel times, and traffic speeds can all be viewed on the interactive live Traffic Map.
  • Cameras - CTroads provides you with access to images from hundreds of traffic cameras from around the state. Register for an account and you can personalize the website to display the cameras most relevant to your daily commute.
  • Public Transportation - CTroads lets you plan trips using only transit, or our new “Drive + Transit” feature, which takes advantage of Park & Ride lots throughout the state. Additional real-time transit information and alerts are coming soon.
  • Other Transportation Options - By making it simple for you to learn about and to start using alternative transportation options – such as CT Rides, buses, trains, ferries, bicycling and more - CTroads can help to reduce overall traffic congestion, air pollution and energy use.
  • My Routes - Route Personalization at your fingertip. Register for an account, create and personalize your routes and alerts so you can be notified of events on those routes ahead of time. Notifications can be made by email or SMS.